The Evolution of the Web Technology

It begins

Web technology and the way it was used have evolved to a whole new level in the past few years.

The most rapidly evolving world has lead to a dramatic yet astonishing change in the technology we today call The Internet.
Each evolution has bought about a change in the way we use it lets take for example Seo.

The tools and tricks along with techniques used to revolutionize the way search engine worked have changed.

Nowadays the companies intend to make their product as fast as possible and at the same time being feasible and relevant to what the user wants.


The Early Age (Web 1.0)

Although never used to describe the technology at the time, web  1.0 was the first-ever name given to the technology.

A lot of people do not know about this, later it was changed but as a starting version of such a Platform that would evolve on its own.

The first version offered a limited static experience.

The term given to was defined as a “short front” web of the early ages.

E-commerce was the main area of interest for users as they started using the web as a commercial source of promotion, they knew the potential it had.

Later on, this evolved to the online auctioning sites like eBay Amazon, etc.

The Evolution Continue’s

Internet marketing was never needed.

The technology spread like a wildfire afterward an improvement was seen as web 2.0 was released which provided users with a richer experience and a user-friendly interface which was faster, efficient & more interactive at the time it was still being improved.

This change bought users to have more awareness of a technology through which there can be infinite possibilities of a man learning, connecting with loved ones.

Speaking of connection how can one forget the time when Facebook was launched it became one of the most profitable and most used websites within a few years of it hitting the market.

People got the opportunity to create their profiles and started interacting with each other on a larger moreover a vast scale a person sitting in Pakistan could now easily talk to someone sitting in Canada over the internet.

Then came YouTube offering people to post media content, an SEO company offering unique effective and updated with the latest SEO services for the betterment of an individual’s social website.

So that he could gain more traffic, blogging sites-enabled people to become home journalists, Wikipedia enabled the internet community to create the most thought out and informative encyclopedia ever created, Meta tags were introduced just for the betterment of SEO optimization.

Mobile Web



Recent developments on the web led us to use the internet on mobile phones very easily today we can search online for jobs we can tag locations use various forms of media to communicate, for example, Chatting, Video calling, etc.

All of this led candidates to apply for jobs online read reviews of a place, or you can register with a job offering company so that they can inform you whenever a post is available as per your qualifications.

Where Do We Stand Today?



You might be thinking where do we stand today right? Well by no means this is a final destination or the end to such a technology which has evolved and improved itself over the years which has developed a sense of working with humans.

Many of the ideas and technologies have been around since the introduction of the web but now they have become more prevalent as time passed today entire software applications are running online.

The user interface provides a friendlier and amazing experience the web took many forms during its evolution like A.I to profitable business models.

The one main feature of today’s web is you get to store your data online, many websites offer data storage online also known as cloud storage, these things will play a very big role in microblogging.

You may take pictures on vacations with family and they will automatically be uploaded to your blog and automatically be globally tagged so that you can know what your location was when you took it.

The web today offers multiple services via websites as people on the internet have created their pages on the internet called websites in which they are offering services.

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